Before & After Care

Please read this page thoroughly before your appointment so that you are fully prepared in advance. 

Before Your Procedure

Making the Decision

  • First, you need to evaluate your personal situation to determine that vasectomy is right for you. Remember that vasectomy is a permanent form of birth control. Finally, understand the different contraceptive methods currently in use. 
  • At least one month before your vasectomy, we will have a consultation over the phone to review the procedure. We will discuss pros and cons and answer any questions you may have.
  • During the consultation, we will discuss two other things that you will need to make decisions about: cryopreservation and nitrous oxide sedation.
  • During or after your consultation, we will schedule your vasectomy and send you consent forms. The consent forms are sent and signed digitally through JotForm (HIPAA-compliant).
  • We require full payment to secure your appointment.

The Week and Evening Before Your Vasectomy

  • Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen for five days before your procedure. Aspirin acts as a blood thinner, which can cause blood to take longer to clot. This is a typical recommendation for all types of surgical procedures.
  • The night before the procedure, shave the underside of the penis and the front wall of the scrotum. We clean the area to prepare for your vasectomy, so do not shave the morning of the procedure in order to avoid stinging.

Plan Ahead

  • Have someone drive you home. If you do not have anyone to drive you home, be prepared for the possibility of lightheadedness while driving. About 1 in 100 patients pass out during or right after the procedure, and a few pass out in the car on the way home. If you do have to drive home, drive in the right lane so that you can pull over the moment you feel lightheaded.
  • Clear your day of any appointments or commitments. You will need to lie down or recline for the rest of the day. It's important to allow that area to rest and heal.
  • Buy supportive underwear.

The Day of the Procedure

  • Keep the entire scrotal area clean on the day of your procedure. No ointments, creams, or powders.
  • Eat a normal meal before you leave for your appointment. This will help to prevent light-headedness after the procedure.
  • Bring clean, supportive underwear or athletic support to your appointment. This will reduce discomfort by providing scrotal support after the procedure.
  • During your appointment, we will provide you with a mail-in sperm collection kit. This is needed to confirm the success of the vasectomy procedure. You will mail in your sample at least 12 weeks and 20 ejaculations after your vasectomy. Detailed instructions are included in the kit.


After Your Vasectomy

The Day of the Procedure

  • Wear scrotal support for the rest of the day.
  • If possible, have someone drive you home to avoid any accidents from lightheadedness. 
  • Take acetominophen (Tylenol) for pain relief. If additional pain relief is needed, you may take Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or naproxen (Aleve).
  • No aspirin.
  • Recline for the rest of the day. You can resume normal activity the following day.
  • You will not need ice packs. 

The Days that Follow

  • The day after the procedure, you may take a shower. Replace the scrotal support as soon as possible after you shower.
  • The day after the procedure, resume normal low-key activity, such as driving and walking. Avoid heavy lifting, physical activity such as yard work or sports, and swimming. 
  • Continue to wear scrotal support for two days. If performing any physical activity, wear this support for at least seven days.
  • Do not take aspirin for two days after the procedure.
  • Continue to take acetominophen as needed for pain relief. You may take ibuprofen in addition to acetominophen if necessary. You will likely only need pain relief for two days, but discomfort can persist for up to five days. 
  • It is normal to experience no pain for two days, and then increased pain from days 3-5. Your body is simply adjusting.
  • After two days, if your pain is gone, you may return to strenuous activity and exercise. On at least the first day, only do half of your normal workout, meaning exercise for half the amount of time and decrease all reps/speed/distance by half. Ease back into your routine. Do not push yourself.
  • Use common sense during the first week following your vasectomy. If you are uncomfortable, take pain relief if needed. Wear your scrotal support for as long as you feel is necessary. Avoid activities that put pressure on your groin, such as cycling. Allow yourself to heal.
  • Wait two days before ejaculating. Wait for a longer period of time if pain is still present. Do not ejaculate if you are in pain. There may be blood in your semen the first few times, and while this is uncommon there is no need for concern.
  • You will likely experience bruising around the puncture site that lasts about four days. It will look like the bruise is spreading before it gradually disappears. This is normal.
  • Contact us if anything seems abnormal or concerning.

After the First Week

  • It is possible to have swelling or discomfort that starts weeks or months after your procedure. While uncommon, it is not concerning. It is due to an inflammatory response that everyone experiences as semen is released and reabsorbed in the scrotum. Some experience pain or discomfort while this adjustment period occurs. Take 600mg ibuprofen for five to seven days if this happens. 

Pregnancy Prevention

  • Do not rely on vasectomy as effective contraception until we test your semen for sperm. Continue to use contraception until you are told that your semen is sperm-free.
  • Using the semen test kit that we sent home with you on the day of your procedure, mail in your semen sample to check for sperm. This must be done at least 12 weeks after your vasectomy, and after at least 20 ejaculations. This kit is included in the cost of your vasectomy.
  • You will be notified by the lab once your semen is tested for the presence of sperm. If your semen contains no sperm, you can rely on your vasectomy to provide effective pregnancy prevention.
  • If there is sperm in your sample, contact us and we will coordinate a second test kit. You will need to continue using alternative contraception until given the all clear.



Overview of Vasectomy Care

These are the most important points you need to know. You still need to read everything detailed above. 


No aspirin for 5 days
Night before - shave under penis and front of scrotum
Keep genital area clean
Eat hearty meal
Bring supportive underwear


Have someone drive you home
Wear scrotal support
Pain relief (Tylenol and/or ibuprofen) - no ice packs
No aspirin for two days
Relax/lie down for rest of day
Avoid strenuous activity

Long Term

Use common sense with scrotal support, pain relief, and physical activity for at least one week
Swelling & discomfort possible up to 3 months later
12 weeks and 20 ejaculations later - semen sample for sperm check

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